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    RAW Classic Super Jumbo Mega Roll

    This is it!! You’re done! You’ll never run out of RAW again!!! Unless, of course, you really are a level 11 smokemaster!

    This is 3,000 ft/ 1,000 meters of the RAWesomely best rolling paper! Enough for about 13,000 1 ¼ smokes (~300,000 puffs)

    If you truly accept the challenge, you might finish that in your lifetime, and if you do, you’ll have ultimate RAWspect and earn a place in the halls of RAWesomeness! Live long, roll well, and enjoy every puff!

    The RAW Lifetime* Supply Super Jumbo Mega Roll includes 1,000 meters of RAW Kingsize Slim Paper and 300 Pre-Rolled RAW Tips in a refillable drawer.
    * May, or may not, last your lifetime… that depends on the life you lead, bruh.