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RAW Clipper Classic Cork Lighter

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There's a reason Clipper is the go-to brand... They're the # 1 🥇 in the world in Reusable lighter, and Numero 2 🥈 lighter brand in the 🌎.

In case we forgot to mention, they are/also have:
Refillable 🔁
Pre-set flame Valve 🔥
Unique Packing Tool 💯
Nylon safe body which is Flexible, resistant, uncrackable, and self-extinguishable 👨‍🔬

Cork is one of the most sustainable, eco-friendly materials in existence. Cork is harvested without killing the tree! It stripped off the tree and the tree quickly regrows.
It's a true cradle-to-grave eco-material that actually benefits the environment.

3000 🔥 per refill.