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Elements Pink 4 Piece Grinder

Elevate your grinding experience with the exquisite Elements Pink 4-Piece Grinder, meticulously designed for those who don't just seek functionality but also appreciate aesthetic appeal.

Crafted from premium anodized aluminum, this grinder boasts a stunning pink hue that combines durability with a touch of elegance.

Key Features:

Vibrant and Durable: The beautiful pink color isn't just for show; the anodized aluminum construction guarantees both longevity and a sleek, eye-catching finish that resists wear and tear.

Precision Grinding: Equipped with 28 diamond-shaped upper teeth, this grinder is designed to effortlessly shred your material into a perfectly fluffy consistency every time. The sharp and durable teeth promise a smooth, efficient grinding experience.

Versatile 4-Piece Design: This grinder is ingeniously segmented into four essential parts:

Top Grinder Teeth: The first layer features sharp diamond-shaped teeth that ensure a perfect grind, with a magnetic lid to keep everything secure.
Bottom Grinder Teeth: Continue the grinding process to achieve your desired texture, with precisely spaced teeth for optimal consistency.
Chamber with Screen: The finely milled material passes through a screen, separating the finer particles for a uniform blend.
Catcher: A bottom compartment catches and stores the sifted product, ensuring you make the most out of your material.