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RAW Hands-Free Smoker

RAW Hands-Free Catcher
This RAWesome accessory is the next level in ashtrays; introducing the Hands-Free Ash Catcher by RAW! Smoke your cones with the ash catcher conveniently underneath it and catch all your ash as it falls! The heat resistant nylon ash catcher collects any ash from your favorite legal smoking herb and keeps it from burning you and making a mess. So grab up this ashtray and be on the cutting edge of cone smoking!

Stop getting ash and burn marks on your shirt, pants, couch, carpet, or loved ones. This handy ash catcher has a flat base so you can set your cone down anywhere its stable. Pure #RAWinnovation! holds most of the cone sizes. Recommended to frequent users who are tired of ashing on themselves

Every smoking connoisseur is cautious of their cleanliness when smoking and this RAW Ash Catcher is the perfect smoking accessory for aiding with that. The nature of the holder allows you to smoke your cone while all the ash is captured in the ashtray below. Make your smoke sessions easy and clean with the RAW Ash Catcher.