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Indica Sativa Hybrid Tray Bundle

🌿 Step into a world of botanical beauty with the RAW 'Indica Sativa Hybrid Tray Bundle.'

Each piece in this collection is not just a tool, but a tribute to the varied experiences offered by cannabis strains.

The 'Indica' tray, with its serene purple and lush floral design, invites calm and relaxation. 🌸.

The 'Sativa' tray bursts with sunny yellows and vibrant greens, capturing the uplifting essence of its namesake. ☀️

The 'Hybrid' tray harmoniously blends elements from both, encapsulating the synergy of relaxation and creativity🎨.

This bundle is the perfect pick for those who appreciate the nuances of cannabis culture and the craft of rolling. 🍃 Embrace the spirit of your favorite strains with a functional flair that only RAW can provide.