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LitLabs Pooch Puffer Dog Toy | Orange

Introducing the "Pooch Puffer" – the ultimate chew toy that’s sure to spark up a conversation at the dog park! Designed for the modern dog and their human with a cheeky sense of humor, this toy is inspired by the laid-back vibes of cannabis culture.

Crafted from durable silicone and designed to resemble a bong, the "Pooch Puffer" isn't just your average chew toy. It's a quirky statement piece that reflects a love for fun and, of course, man’s best friend. This toy boasts a bright yellow rope for enthusiastic games of tug-of-war, perfect for those playful pups who love to pull and fetch.

The bong-shaped body has textured surfaces that dogs love to gnaw on, helping to keep their teeth clean and their gums healthy. Plus, the hollow interior can be stuffed with treats, making it a puzzle toy that challenges and entertains.

So if you're looking to treat your canine companion to something that’s sure to turn heads and wag tails, the "Pooch Puffer" is the perfect pick. It’s a dog toy that celebrates the spirit of 420 in a hilarious, pet-friendly way. Get ready to fetch some laughs – and maybe a few double-takes – with the most lit toy in the kennel!