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    RAW Classic 5 Stage RAWket Pack

    Just so you understand, RAW made this to be over-the-top.

    If you truly like having fun and need to share that fun with the whole smoking world! Well, here it is! A RAW innovation!

    RAW Classic 5 Stage RAWket Pack includes one of each of the following sizes:

    1¼ Cone | 83mm | holds 0.75g
    Kingsize Cone | 110mm | holds 1.5g
    Peacemaker Cone | 140mm | holds 2.25g
    Emperador Cone | 180mm | holds 4g
    Supernatural Cone | 280mm | holds 20g

    Amounts are approximate and depend largely on how fine you grind. Please don't overpack! Poor Packing is the numero 1 cause of burn problems!

    Each box includes 15 packs

    RAW 5-Stage RAWKET Cone Pack Animation by ESD