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    RAW Cone Loader

    The RAW Loader is the fastest, easiest way to fill a cone. This badass device takes only 7.2 seconds to fill a king-size, 98 special, 1 1/4, or lean cone!!!! It’s made from ECM earth plastic (which degrades in a landfill much much much faster than regular plastic). The best part is that it’s inexpensive and so easy to use that we know you will be very happy with your loader.

    There are 2 RAW Loaders. One fits 1¼ Cones and Lean Cones, and a bigger one for Kingsize Cones and 98 Special Cones.

    RAW Cone Loader includes: 1 x Cone Loader, 1 x Wooden Poker & 1 x scraping Card.

    RAW Cone Loader for King Size and 98 Specials Animation by ESD