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RAW Heart Glass Cone Holder

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Presenting the new RAW Glass Heart Cone Holder - where romance 💖 meets irreverence in a puff of smoke 😮‍💨.  It's color changing, borosilicate glass with a sanded grip so your tip won't slip out!

Imagine kneeling down, your heart pounding, and opening this heart-shaped jewelry box, only to reveal... no diamond ring 💍, but a color-changing glass-blown masterpiece, with the iconic RAW branding both on the box and the tip. It's the perfect way to say, "Will you take this toke?"

Instead of forever, the commitment here lasts as long as the cone burns.  Perfect for the love that's a little less conventional, and a lot more fun.

💡 Fun Fact: Comes in a Kurt Cobain inspired heart shaped box!