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    RAW Dopp Kit

    Trying to keep your stash and accessories dry in a discrete way that also keeps odors on lockdown? 🤔

    Well... the RAW x RYOT Dopp Kit takes care of that with ease! 

    The outer shell is 100% SMELL-PROOF 👃, WATER-PROOF 💦 , and built for heavy use! 

    It also includes a securable lock and a removable SmellSafe carbon lined interior bag that can be used separately or as a bag-in-a-bag.

    Main Features:

    • Smell-Proof 👃
    • Water-Proof 💦
    • Durable Exterior 🔨
    • Removable Carbon Lined Bag with Pocket 👜
    • Easy Loading 🔃
    • Lockable w/Included RYOT Lock 🔒

     Closed Dimensions: 9'' x 5'' x 3.25''